Water wheels are the source of all true power – Dwarf Fortress Episode 20 -incinerator

It’s the Dwarven Fortress! I’ve launched a new fortress with the Steam Edition and I’ll be playing it live! Forever! Probably! IN THIS EPISODE: We’ve been without water for so long, but now it’s time to set up some waterwheels for power! We are also making space in our first cave to move our pasture closer to our lower fortress and continue the process of decommissioning our upper fortress. Our soldiers are pretty good at killing goblins and fishmen, maybe one day they’ll put on a second boot! This video is a re-upload of a stream that originally aired on February 16, 2023. This was done because this video should be of better quality than the original stream. I will continue this fortress on Mondays and Thursdays from 13:00 to 16:00 PT. 00:00 loading 02:09 launch, water wheel plans 05:44 old temples, new bedrooms, millstones 11:27 planning new pastures, talk of power 24:48 ghost child, tree baron, pasture walls 35:03 goblins! hole torment 48:30 goblin fighting 1:03:00 pasture walls, caravan 1:12:17 fish alarm! and fish carcasses! 1:20:42 caravan, training room hysteria, pasture walls 1:28:46 Umo’s flight has come! towering one-eyed newt 1:31:53 pasture, caravan, dwarven thrift store 1:46:25 waterwheels! 1:50:28 pasture, strange mood 1:55:45 water wheels, millstones 2:06:35 bedrooms, incinerator, pasture 2:14:33 connecting machines, chopping plants 2:20:26 pasture, artifact sword, trash heap, yak taking a bath, new tantrums 2:39:28 new digging, new barracks, scrapping old things 2:48:05 pasture, flying test, caravan 2:55:12 two boots, damn it! pasture, lake draining, graves, rubbish 3:06:29 creating a new pasture, debriefing 3:15:56 debriefing


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