Vibrotechnik – S 40/70 – Vibrotechnik – Sieving Equipment

The sieve analysis is performed using one or more sieves, a tray and a cover. The number of sieves, as well as the mesh size or the size and shape of the perforated plate apertures are determined by the conditions of the analysis.

The sieve column can be equipped with intermediate rings to increase the height of the sieve, which allows loading larger samples onto the sieve, as well as intermediate trays for installing several sets of sieves in one column.

The material to be sieved is loaded into the upper sieve. The sieve column complete with tray and cover must be shaken manually or using a VD 50 vibration drive. Using the vibration drive allows to increase productivity of sieving due to high-frequency reciprocating screw oscillations of the platform on which the column of sieves is fixed.

Particles of material which are smaller than the size of the sells / apertures in the sieving surface of the upper sieve fall through on the next sieve, where the cycle repeats. As a result, the sample is distributed between the sieves and the tray in accordance with the fractional content. At the end of the sieving process, the contents of each sieve are weighed and the particle size distribution of the sample is determined.

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