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Global temperature rise, sea level rise, severe weather conditions. All these factors are attributed to one factor – global warming. Global warming or global warming has been going on for centuries. For thousands of years, the Earth’s temperature continues to rise and does not stop. Although catastrophic events are generally associated with this global problem, scientists around the world still have doubts regarding the relationship of global warming to these events and whether there is a definitive solution to global warming.

There are two potential solutions to the effects of global warming as suggested by experts. It can be in the form of dilution or through adaptation. Within the mitigation response, many actions are taken to mitigate, if not completely eliminate, the effects of global warming. Steps that can be taken in this response are to reduce energy consumption and use energy-efficient appliances; You can also look for other potential sources or alternatives of energy that can be used to replace the current source of fuel. Other potential “other” energy sources are solar energy (with this, pollution is reduced, and thus global warming can be controlled), wind, hydro, and geothermal, to name a few. These energy sources are highly reusable and available, not to mention they are clean sources of fuel.

Another solution to global warming is to use other energy sources. Other potential energy sources that could be used are nuclear energy and biofuels. These two types can be used to replace fossil fuels that take much longer to develop. However, nuclear energy continues to be of great interest due to its negative effects on people and the environment. There is no dispute about the energy that nuclear energy would be able to produce and which would give electrical energy. But regarding the safety of this source of power, there is still a lot of controversy. On the other hand, biofuels are safe, economical and easy to produce. Methane is the main biofuel that can be produced from plant and animal waste, and this proves to be more environmentally friendly than burning fossil fuels.

Another step that ingenious minds have devised is capturing carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) and storing it properly for future use. We have a high concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, so to help improve the climate, it needs to be controlled. And when needed, carbon dioxide can also be used with methane to produce biogas. Apart from carbon sequestration, people have also created what is called geoengineering where the main objective of this type of science is to study the effects and solutions to atmospheric problems.

In an adaptive response, people look for ways to reduce the effects of a problem and to address issues related to those problems step by step. In mitigation, people are intent on halting or delaying the effects of global warming. In search of a better term, adaptation is like “playing cool” at the moment, then slowly taking some action to reduce global warming effects. So in the process of adaptation, they have the idea that glaciers are melting anyway even if we stop our consumption of fossil fuels now, why don’t we continue with the modern advances? All they have to focus on is how to “deal” with the effects. Both mitigation and adaptation mean people who will cooperate in fighting a common enemy.

Another way to defend ourselves from the scourge of global warming is for relevant lawmakers to legislate to ensure the responsible use of our remaining fossil fuel resources. With this comes the equal responsibility not to use products or engage in activities that would destroy the balance of our planet.

And at the end of it all, the best person who can make a difference and help find a possible solution to global warming is you. You can start on your own, and within your own home, all the practices that will provide solutions to the deteriorating state of the planet, the effect of global warming.

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Greenhouse solutions have yet to be fully demonstrated, let alone fully managed. It is an ever-present problem. No matter what we do, it is there and inevitable. And while it will take years, much of it, before global warming begins to become a terrifying threat, it still wouldn’t hurt if we moved our finger now.


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