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Let’s get ready to sweat! I think we all have a slightly skewed idea of ​​our style, just like our bodies. I can’t tell you how many women I know who tie themselves to one particular style, and while some of them really knock that style out of the water, many of them tend to think they’re a bit more stylish than they are. THIS is a little ironic because when it comes to our bodies, we tend to be more critical (meaning our bodies aren’t as bad as we tend to think). Walking the streets of Santa Monica, I became a big fan of this boho/hippie chic look. Okay, maybe it was Sienna Miller who first drew me to this look, but people looking here were like Runway inspiration for this look, I love it. So how do you take it off? A flat stomach comes in handy here, so this workout is all about tilting everything up, but actually tightening your core! So if you’re after that ultra-trendy, romantic look and you want it to be romantic instead of sleazy, join me for a sweat. Regardless of the outfit, I firmly believe that a cool figure and a confident attitude can make any outfit sexy! Post your boho chic look here and tell me your favorite look. and my awesome top in this video, check out: Printable version of the workout is here: Facebook: Twitter: 14 Day Shape-Up Plan:


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