Son In Curse – Trivnviratvm (Full Album) -incinerator

Country: Chile Genre: Death Metal Release date: January 13, 2017 Label: Melipulli Records 1. 00:00. Rise of the ancient Nephilim 2. 02:27. Demon Embrace 3. 05:06. Visceral Faith Incinerator 4. 07:46. Anger of Hatred 5. 10:37. Chaotic Soul Eater 6. 13:45. The piety of Anu 7. 15:59. Arrival of the Empire 8. 19:40. Divine subconscious prayer 9. 23:42. The Rebirth of the Gods Son In Curse is a death metal band from Puerto Montt, Chile. Formed in 2002. “Trivnviratvm” is the band’s only full-length album! line-up Matt Suhmery – vocals, guitar, bass Richard Smoje – drums Andrés Matamala – recording, mixing, mastering Matt Suhmery – art direction, design, logo, lyrics Moisés Cerna – executive producer Artwork by Daniel Hermosilla Digital album available here: Physical (CD only) ) album available here: Follow/Support Son In Curse: Contact: [email protected] Melipulli Records: Contact: [email protected] ThePsyfrost Facebook Group: Help ThePsyfrost with a donation: Download with permission and on behalf of Son In Damnation and Melipulli Records.


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