Solo Nezarec the Final God of Pain before the DPS phase -incinerator

First of all, credit should be given to Quazz for pulling it off during the competitive mode: getting to DPS isn’t hard, it mostly comes down to experience. Nezarek’s mechanics are simple: you connect all the nodes, watch out for his hate, and be mindful of the right hideout buff. I’m not entirely sure what can be used for DPS. Purely spamming Fusion Grenade with Witherhoard can’t do enough damage. Rockets can be used for now, but getting enough heavy ammo for the next phase can be a challenge. I don’t do many of these raids so I know what’s possible and what’s not. I’ll leave that to the raid experts. I might consider revisiting this encounter later in the season, simply because it’s quite fun and amazingly aesthetically pleasing. Equipment: Kinetic Weapon – Legacy (Reconstruction + Brilliant Weapon) Energy Weapon – Unforgiven (Destroyer + Madness) Heavy Weapon – Other Half (Swift Blade + Brilliant Weapon) Helmet Mods: Ashes to Assets x2, Heavy Ammo Search Mods Gauntlets: Firepower, Melee Kickstart, Momentum Transfer Chest Mods: Shock Damper, Void Damage Resist x2 Leg Mods: Revive, Stacks to Stacks, Void Scavenger Mods: Kickstart Utility x3 Abilities: Phoenix Dive, Explosive Slide, Incinerator Explosion, Solar Grenade Aspects: Climb Heat , Touch of Flame Fragments: Singeing, Empyrean, Torches, Ashes 00:00 – Node Bonding 03:05 – DPS (Fusion Grenades + Whiterhoard + SMG)


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