SHADE PLAYS FORTNITE LIVE (This is a rare sight) -incinerator

#gaming #fortnite #nobuild (WARNING THIS STORY IS NOT CANON!) Im SHADE Im version from Shikamaru after Shikamaru’s Asume Passage went rogue and caused wars to make sure he got every last man and after putting Hidan in incinerator with fire Ball Jutsu He was possessed by Momoshiki Otsutsuki and now has partial control over me. Be sure to like, subscribe and comment to help master Momoshiki’s power as I already took the ITachi sharingan, but while I’m walking through my family’s Forbidden Village, we partnered with Amazon to save people’s money and make money. If you need a specific category of trades hit me on instagram @shadeogxgreen420 if you want more fortnite no build content be sure to like share subscribe and comment below what is your favorite weapon in fortnite AND WE TRADE TO GET NEW USERS 1 month free using amazon prime Be sure to get a free amazon prime trial.


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