Review of the incinerator Crossout #crossout #pvp #mmo -incinerator

Incinerator Review #crossout #pvp #mmo Crossout Free Game : hhtps:// Trying to hit 100 subs 😀 Any help would be greatly appreciated Incinerator – Launches an incendiary projectile that leaves a burning area at the site of the explosion. When you hit one of these weapons, the Firestarters will yell what appears to be something about a fire hyena. Apparently, they do not know that they are not in the Wasteland. The explosion leaves a flammable liquid puddle that deals damage to all targets. Damage 4.1 Fire Rate 1.6 Range 7.1 Accuracy 2.0 #crossout is a post-apocalyptic #mmo action game in which you can create your own unique #battleroyale vehicles from many interchangeable parts, send them straight into battle and destroy enemies in explosive #pvp online battles ! KEY FEATURES: Unique vehicles created by players from a wide range of available parts, from nimble buggies to heavy tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on anti-gravity fields. Complete creative freedom and thousands of possible combinations: Build vehicles of any shape with a wide range of parts, with a wide variety of armor and weapons to add to your arsenal. Improved Damage Model: Destroy any part of an enemy vehicle and it will immediately reflect on the vehicle’s stats. Huge arsenal of weapons from chainsaws to power drills, from machine guns to rocket launchers, as well as a wide variety of weapons, including flying drones and stealth generators. Your own workshop: Create new and improved parts and auction them on the in-game market. Player-to-Player Exchange Options: Each piece you collect in battle can be traded to other players. Choose your own combat strategy: aside from victory, the only thing that matters is your survival! I’m not very good at games but I try my best, I usually prefer to chat with my friends during the game and not pay much attention, however I can focus when needed, I’m not toxic to any teammate and never I won’t, but don’t get under my shoes if you’re toxic, “hit” and everything will be fine with us.


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