Newbie Perspective IDW Sonic Issues 57-58 Reviews -incinerator

As a correction to question 50, apparently this glove was burned because it was thrown into the incinerator, and therefore there were flames around it too. Without the wiki I would never have known about it because the camera angle was on the side showing only the glove. You should have shown me the whole incinerator with other burning things. Why do I think the incinerator was outside? Either way, the glove might have been damaged before it was thrown there. As to why the tank sent him off that muddy mound, I think Starline buried him to hide him after being flung from one crumbling piece of floor to another, slowing his descent. Remember, if he dropped the glove during the fall, it would have been much more damaged. Also, Flynn said he was willing to bring it back anyway due to fan demand. .


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