Metroid Prime Remastered (Part 3) – Incinerator Drone -incinerator

The Chozo ruins hold many secrets, the most telling of which concerns an extraterrestrial object that crashed into the planet and seeped its poison into it. The ruins are also home to one of these poisons, responsible for the contaminated waters in the former Chozo home… 3:05 – Mini-boss: Incinerator Drone Fighting wasps as protection. The incinerator drone has its own weapons in the form of flamethrowers. Avoid the wasps and flames and aim at the sensor, which is raised only to determine the direction of the target. Items obtained: – Rocket Launcher – Morph Ball – Charge Beam – Morph Balls Bombs Chozo Ruin Extensions – Energy Tanks * Vehicle Access North * Furnace * Main Plaza – Missile Extensions * Totem Hive (Rocket Launcher) * Ruined Gallery x2 * Access to the Water Hall * Burnt dome * Dynamo * Destroyed kindergarten * Destroyed temple * Shelter * Assembly hall * Dynamo.


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