Mechanical Components by Stingray Marine Solutions AS

Stingray Node

The Stingray node is made of strong materials and designed to accommodate people, fish health and the marine environment.

The Stingray node is equipped with a buoy (BU) and a laser unit (SU). The buoy provides buoyancy to the node and positions the laser unit in the pen. The buoy floats on the water surface with the laser unit hanging below. It can operate from the surface and down to 30 metres depth. The laser unit has LED lamps, sensors, cameras and lasers used to detect and shoot lice. A specially designed and durable node cable connects the laser unit and buoy.

Node Cable

The node cable transmits communication, electricity and data between the buoy and the laser unit. It is also used to raise and lower the laser unit. The specially developed cable ensures high reliability and minimal handling, as well as efficient and safe data collection.

Surface Cable

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A surface cable identical to the node cable is stretched across the pen to supply the node with power and internet connection, and enable horizontal positioning. The buoy can move along the surface cable on the surface of the water.

Pen Cabinet

A pen cabinet, which is connected to the surface cable, is attached at the edge of the pen. One pen cabinet can be connected to two nodes. It has a wireless router that connects it to the feed barge cabinet.

Feed Barge Cabinet

A feed barge cabinet is installed on the feed barge to provide internet connection and enable a control system on the feed barge. This cabinet communicates wirelessly with the pen cabinet.


Stingray nodes require no handling during normal operations. The customer need only provide 230V electricity and a network connection. As long as the node has a secure power supply and is cleaned regularly, it will shoot lice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year – regardless of temperature and light conditions.  The Stingray node has low power consumption and minimum 4-year lifetime. The nodes are monitored by Stingray.

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