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Durable and Reliable

The 6200 Series Tandem Disc Harrow is built in true Landoll style…precision, laser cut frame components that embrace the technology of robotic welding to its fullest. Durability is built in, not added on. Incorporation of UHMW polymer in the lift axles provides a maintenance-free feature that eliminates daily greasing. Trunnion mount bearings are used throughout the disc assemblies and are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Gang angles are fixed at 20 degrees on the front and 18 degrees on the rear. Disc blades are spaced at 7” or 8 3/4”. Blade diameters are 22”, 24”, 26” or 28” (model specific) to match the needs of the most discriminate customer. The self-leveling hitch and the single point depth control add to the list of items that extend the reliability beyond the competition. Oversized tires on walking tandem axles carry the load and allow for precision depth control across the entire width of the harrow. Pivoting gauge wheels on the front of the wings contribute to controlled depth of the wings even at higher speeds.

Sized to Fit

The 6200 Series Tandem Disc Harrow is available in sizes from 12′ to 50’. Rigid units are available in 12′, 14′ and 15′ models. The folding units up to 36’ fold in 3 sections while the units from 40’ to 50’ fold in 5 sections. The 3-section units transport under 17’ 11”. The 5 section machines transport at 17’ 6”. Transport heights range from 9’ 8” to 15’ 4”.

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