Kemblok – Kemblok – Gloves


  • EN374-1:2016 – Type A
    Protective gloves against chemicals & micro-organisms
    Permeation Level 6 with reagents A, D, E, G, H & L 
  • EN374-5:2016
    Protective gloves against chemicals & micro-organisms
    with EN 374-2:2014 AQL Performance Level 3 including viral protection


  • EN 420+A1:2009 Finger Dexterity Level 5

Chemical Warfare Agent Protection:

Ecwid by Lightspeed

Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

Kemblok™ gloves have been tested in accordance with FINABEL O.7.C methods at the respected Proqares laboratory for resistance to permeation by chemical warfare agents against the following agents:

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Ecwid by Lightspeed