Jetech – 350TJ3-D – Pumps – Diesel Pumping Systems

 Cummins industrial diesel engine power unit model QSM11 or equal.

  • Includes the latest in engine monitoring and safety
  • Electronic  dial throttle for precise adjustment
  • Control panel (securable) located away from high pressure connections for enhanced safety

Pump Protection Package – protecting the unit by monitoring the pump system through a series of sensors and safely shuts down the system before damage occurs;

    Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

  • Low water level in inlet tank
  • Low inlet water pressure to High Pressure Pump
  • Low Power Frame oil pressure
  • High Power Frame oil temperature
  • PTO Clutch

    Direct connected flexible coupling

    • Connecting PTO and pump pinion shafts
    • Coupling guard

    140-gallon (530-liter) diesel fuel tank

    • 12 ga. Steel construction.
    • Eight hour run time
    • Easy read level gauge
    • Fused fill cap

    Pressure gauge – 2X operating pressure

    • Liquid-filled
    • Easy-read dial face

    Twin rupture disc over-pressure protection assembly

    • Redundant Safety for your crew

    Suction water supply tank 50-gallon (190-liter) mounted over pump

    • Ensuring supply is free of air (a high pressure pumps worst enemy)
    • Level control by float valve

    Centrifugal Charge pump

    • Ensuring consistent inlet pressure to High Pressure Pump
    • Driven from PTO

    Cartridge filter unit – Stainless/Bronze construction (noncorrosive)

    • 5-micron filter cartridge
    • Isolation valve
    • Pressure gauge before and after filter for quick monitoring of filter fouling

    Bag filter unit-Aircraft aluminum construction

    • 5-micron filter bag
    • Isolation valve
    • Pressure gauge before and after filter for quick monitoring of filter fouling

    Stainless Steel double suction system

    • Double feed slows the water in the plumbing reducing turbulence
    • Stainless Steel after the filter to help prevent contamination

    Plunger cooling water manifold with flow control valve

    • Cooling the plungers greatly increases packing life

    Power-end lube oil cooler

    • Water to Oil type heat exchanger
    • Allowing extreme conditions
    • Increasing bearing and component life

    Fabricated steel skid

    • Heavy duty structural steel construction
    • Fork-lift pockets for secure lifting and moving          

    Painted – Jetech red

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