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The trend is changing in obtaining energy from conventional sources to obtaining energy from solar and wind power units. The change in trend is due to this energy is considerably cheaper than the energy obtained from several other methods. Earlier an expensive metal was used over in the chargeable batteries for solar and wind units. Mostly these units contain platinum and other very expensive catalysts of metals. Due to heavier cost their usage was lesser. 

Scientists and researchers were doing the researches for a long period to produce batteries with inexpensive and cheaper materials. Quinones is one of the chemicals which is considerably cheaper as compare to platinum, that means you can produce the batteries with lesser cost by several hundred times than earlier. Consequently, cheap production of energy and electricity from solar and wind units. The newly structured batteries are even metal free, so by utilizing chemicals and different compounds it has been made possible. 

These chemicals are water soluble and they are the similar ones as being there in plants and animals. The scientists are even concerned as to when the sun doesn’t shine because of clouds or rains or wind doesn’t flow what would be the alternate to run units and vehicles which are using these technologies. A lot of researches are being taken place to get rid of this issue. The reason is that the batteries have limited capacity to store power and it will last for a limited time only. 

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Giant manufacturers are working on producing cheap batteries using solar and wind technologies. A lot of researches are taking place to get benefited from them. In connection they are environment friendly and more of a trend of the people is towards these technologies, as the number one feature is they are cheap and provide smoke free environment is the other advantage. The demand for these energy gaining technologies has been increased a lot. As to why the manufacturers are more focused in producing even better chargeable batteries which could benefit people to the maximum limit.   

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