Honeycomb Coal Briquette Production Line

The industrial honeycomb coal briquette production line is a series of equipment for deep processing coal powder and charcoal powder, mainly crushers, mixers, coal briquettes forming machines, and dryers. Through this briquettes charcoal processing plant, we can make coal powder and charcoal powder into solid briquettes of different shapes.

And these coal or charcoal briquettes can be used for barbecue, boiler burning, restaurants, heating, etc. The configuration of the honeycomb coal briquettes production line can be customized according to specific customer needs, and its output is 500kg/h to 2t/h.

Honeycomb briquettes production line is just a name for this coal processing technology. In fact, according to the different raw materials to be processed, the production line configuration is also different. For example, the processing lines for coal powder and charcoal powder are very different. Therefore, we can divide the honeycomb briquettes production line into honeycomb coal briquette production line and honeycomb charcoal briquette production line.

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