HBS – SolaRaft-iQM – Water Quality Monitoring Systems

The result of the cooperative effort between Diversified Power International, LLC (our sister company) and HBS engineers, is the Solaraft™ product line. Intelligent, remote water quality monitoring systems that meet all requirements demanded. Incorporating a completely proprietary, In-House buoy design, the industry leading Eureka Manta water sensor sonde, diverse telemetry options, and industry leading technology in solar energy collection, management, and storage, the SolaRaft™ delivers uncompromising functionality at a cost that is extraordinarily FAR below competitor options. Additionally, both the SolaRaft-iQM™ and the larger SolaRaft-iQDB™ (monitoring combined with ultrasonic algae management systems) can be shipped via common UPS or FedEx options (no expensive freight charges). Each can be easily set up for deployment in a matter of MINUTES, not hours, with NO TOOLS required!

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