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Service life
The service life of steel structure workshop generally exceeds 50 years, and even more than a hundred years, while the service life of reinforced concrete structure workshop is generally about 40 years. Because the steel structure has the advantages of reusability that the reinforced concrete structure does not have, the service life of steel structure workshop buildings can be extended by refurbishing as long as the steel structure frame is not damaged.

Structural stability
Because the steel structure has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, and good compressive performance, its structural stability is better than that of reinforced concrete structures. Besides, the size of the steel components of the steel structure workshop is more precise, the production is industrialized, and the later installation and construction are highly mechanized, which provides a good foundation for improving the stability of the workshop building.

Construction methods
As we all know, the reinforced concrete structure buildings are constructed by wet methods, while dry methods construct the steel structure buildings. Therefore, the construction method of steel structure workshop buildings has less impact on the surrounding environment, which is more in line with the trend of urban development of green buildings.

Construction time
Because the steel consumption of steel workshop buildings is generally calculated in tonnage, all components are manufactured in the factory and then transported to the construction site for hoisting construction. Hence, the construction period is shorter than that of reinforced concrete structure workshop buildings.

Wall and Roof Panel

Prefab steel structure workshop building is very durable. It is strong enough to withstand heavy snow, high winds, and strong earthquakes. The wall and roof cladding coated with aluminum compounds to prevent rust and extend the life of the panel. The steel structure workshop building is not flammable, so it is not easy to destroy by fire. It makes the workshop building very suitable for storing hazardous chemicals.

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The metal cladding of the steel structure workshop finished so that they can overlap when assembled. It does not leave any openings so that the building can be isolated from the outside world. It helps keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer, thereby saving energy costs.

  1. Features: fast and flexible assembly, safe and reliable, heat and sound insulation, waterproof and fireproof.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: quick and easy installation significantly shortens the construction time and reduces the cost;
  2. Durability: The entire structure is easy to maintain, and the service life can reach more than 50 years.
  3. Perfect design: The ideal design completely avoids leakage and water seepage. At the same time, it also meets national fire protection standards.
  4. Carrying capacity: it can resist the influence of strong wind and earthquake, and withstand a heavy snow load

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