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The depth penetration depends on frequency, water content and material conductivity. The typical penetration with Cobra Wireless GPR is 1,5-4,5 m. The maximum penetration is 10 m or 500 ns.

The COBRA WIRELESS GPR Mixed or Blend Mode combines high resolution near surface data with deep target data in one single view. With this method both channels are combined in one single data file using the full bandwidth of the GPR, 100-900 MHz.
This is our recommended method compared to using 2 separate files, one for shallow and the other one for deep data

COBRA WIRELESS GPR perfectly fineuited for flat open areas, moderate terrain and rugged locations.
This GPR is perfect for high speed surveys of roadand railways thanks to aircoupled performance.
A multitude of different mounting options for vehicles makes your surveys possible in almost any way imaginable.


  • Wireless Operation: No need for cables
  • Ecwid by Lightspeed

    Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

  • Multi Frequency GPR: 100-900MHz
  • Complete GPR System: Start surveying right away
  • Post Processing Software: included with purchase
  • GPS path finder map
  • Wide selection of control units: from rugged PDAs to PCs
  • Quick release wheels
  • Smart cart: with push and pull capability
  • High resolution encoder
  • Rough terrain kit
  • Depth range: 0-500ns (0-10 m)
  • Hith penetrating 400 V transmitter
  • Compact and flexible system: Only 15 Kg

    • Infrastructure & utility mapping
    • One of the most used applications of GPR is utility detection and mapping. It has become a regular tool in the arsenal of buried pipe and cable detectors. The GPR-method has an advantage over traditional locating devices, it can also detect non-metallic targets like plastic, concrete, terracotta composite pipes or just about any other material.
    • Our products can also be used to detect obstacles, shallow bedrock, other pipes, old foundations and debris in front of ‘Trenchless Technology Piping’ and directional drilling operations.
    • We provide complete systems perfect for rapid surveying without the need for ground coupling the antenna.
    • Inspect internal structures
    • Identify voids under; roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, railways, dams and buildings.
    • Locate plastic, concrete, clayor metal pipes.
    • Map concrete before drilling, cutting or coring.
    • Detect obstacles in front of directional drilling operations.

    Snow & Ice

    • Our HBD-350 antenna is probably the most used GPR antenna for airborne applications in the world. The antenna is used for regular airborne snow surveys in the Swedish-, Norweiganand Swiss alps, it’s also used in the Himalayas.
    • More than 15.000 km of airborne measurments has been performed as of 2008. Our airborne antennas can also be used to locate people buried by avalanches, detection of crevasses in glaciers and to map snow thickness in ski slopes.
    • Airborne mapping of snow and ice thickness.
    • Find crevasses and avalanche victims.
    • Profile ice roads in detail.
    • Glaciology research.

    Rescue Operations

    • Locate trapped victims under collapsed buildings and landslides.


    • Locate hazardous waste
    • UST-location
    • Delineation of contaminant plumes and product spills

    Military and Security

    • Our products are perfectly suited for rugged military applications through the use of military grade connectors and a rugged and sealed design.
    • Our systems are used to locate buried or hidden objects such as landmines, AT-mines and unexploded ordnance. Other applications for the Other applications for our systems include the detection of subterranean tunnels and bunkers used for human infiltration or smuggling, through-wall imaging and related security needs.
    • Our products are ideally suited for military applications with features such as aircoupled high penetration and high resolution antennas.
    • Locate tunnels, bunkers, hidden weapons and drugs
    • Landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) location

    Agricultural & Forestry

    • Locate agricultural and golf-green drainage tiles
    • Determine soil water content and conductivity
    • Map tree roots and rot in wood

    Geology and mining

    • Locate gemstone pockets in pegmatite
    • Find kimberlite and lateric nickel
    • Map internal structures and voids in soil
    • Locate cracks in bedrock and building stones

    Forensic and Archeological Operations

    • Our systems are used for pre-excavation mapping of buried structures, foundations, burial sites and chambers. Forensic teams and law enforcement use the antennas to locate buried bodies, drugs and weapons.
    • Mapping of buried structures, foundations, burials and chambers

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