Galvanized – Windmill Aeration Systems

Like all of our products, our ‘bottom-up’ windmill aeration systems are designed to last. Using only the power of the wind, our windmills pump life-giving oxygen into your pond. As the second step (reVIVE) in our proven, ecofriendly 3-step program, you can rest easy knowing your Koender’s Windmill Aeration System is taking care of your water – naturally.

‘Bottom-up’ aeration systems compress oxygen directly into the water body from the bottom of the water column upwards.
Airstone diffusers are used to create small micro-sized oxygen bubbles that dissolve into the water as they travel up towards the surface. Studies have shown that this way of transferring oxygen into water can be 8-10 times more efficient than surface aeration.

Independent engineering study done by Prof J A. Gillies (BE. MSc, PEng, FEC) has shown that Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems transfer significantly more volume of oxygen into water compared to all other products on the market, measured over a 30-day period, simulating one month of production.

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