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In many circumstances where diesel or petrol needs to be stored in commercial buildings, the SuperVault® is the only permitted tank. The SuperVault’s has been engineered to withstand conditions – from the sub-zero temperature of the Arctic to the blistering heat of the desert. No other fuel storage system in the world can provide a higher level of certified fire protection, insulation, and fuel security than a Fuelchief SuperVault®.

Multi-Hazard Approved

Around the world, new codes of practice and legislation often require all fire tanks to be either SwRI 95-03 or UL 2085 (2 hour) approved; the SuperVault® is both. It is the only 4-hour fireproof petrol tank certified for above ground petrol tanks, according to the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) (Texas, USA) 95 – 03 multi-hazard test.

During this test, despite being subjected to fire, hose steam, projectiles and heavy-vehicle impact; the integrity of the SuperVault’s primary tank remained intact. This tank is also a popular choice for solvents, which often has the same “flashpoint” as petrol.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Insist on 95-03 as it is the only fire-rated tank in the world that can be repaired and re-used after the fire or event has occurred. The 95-03, 4-hour fire test involves an additional 2-hour fire exposure test using the same, fully assembled test tank for all tests.

In the event of a fire, the integrity of any tank certified to UL-2085 (2 hour) or SWRI 93-01 (4 hour) will be deemed to have been compromised and will not be compliant after the event.

Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

True Secondary Containment

No additional bunding is required for the SuperVault®. Engineered and constructed for maximum protection, the SuperVault’s outer steel tank provides secondary containment as well as protecting the inner tank from the elements of nature and fire. The secondary containment tank also conforms to international requirements and is both pressure and vacuum testable on site.

Multipurpose Insulation

The interstitial insulation provides maximum thermal protection to the internal steel tank. This insulation material reduces heat transfer from the outer tank to the inner tank, therefore minimising the risk of an environmental disaster or the event of a pool fire. The porous nature of the insulating material allows for monitoring of leakage from the primary tank. In hot climates, the insulation also minimises fuel losses due to evaporation.  The SuperVault® emergency vent controls the pressure in the tank in extreme fire conditions to eliminate explosion.

Long-lasting Warranty

A 30-year warranty is offered, providing the fuel tank is installed and maintained in accordance with the industry standards, including de-watering of the primary tank.

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