FPI and PT INDO BHARAT RAYON Successfully Execute New …

2023/5/25 — PT INDO BHARAT RAYON has successfully installed and tested the continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) from FPI, which is a top tier solution in the field of pollutant output monitoring. The hot-wet extractive method and UV-DOAS measuring principle it adopted, avoids the loss of content during sampling and ensures its precision and stability in pollutants measuring.

Check the correctness and solidity of the components and wiring installation first, and then power on after confirming that there are no errors. Next, check the operation status of the software of the upper computer, the correctness of the display of the operation panel, the signal communication, and the operation status of the spectralcomponent of instrument. Lastly, calibrate all equipments. FPI’s factory-trained engineers followed the standardized workflow step by step to check the installation and operation of the equipment, complete the calibration of the instrument and track the stability of the instrument during the commissioning phase.

On the day finishing commissioning, General Director Mr. Muslich and Engineer Mr. Djuanda from PT Bosowa Energi visited the site to see the CEMS operation, as the application point of PT Bosowa Energi is the same as that of IBR, both are located at the power plant’s discharge outlet.

‘We have been taking a continuous interest in FPI’s CEMS for a long time. FPI’s CEMS instrumentation passed our requirements for accuracy and stability for our new equipment. And we have been very impressed with the responsiveness of FPI’s after-sales service team’, says Mr. Muslich, General Director of PT Bosowa Energi.

As a leader in continuous emission monitoring system, FPI is at the forefront of delivering the reliable monitoring equipment and robust service capabilities which industrial enterprises require in order to improve the safety and efficiency of their production. In the future, FPI will continue to develop application areas and provide reliable equipment and robust services to customers in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, bringing benefits and safety to more companies.

Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

If any interests in this product, please feel free to visit FPI’s official online store: online.fpi-inc.com/

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