Flare Gas Power Pant, Majdan, Serbia – Case Study

The oil field at Majdan, Serbia had excess Assosiated Petroleum Gas (APG). Due to the low heating value and high CO2 content, this gas used to be flared. In 2016 RSE installed a fully containerized power plant with 5 units ENERGIN GEN G500 installed in three containers. The gas cleaning system to remove traces of siloxanes and H2S was also supplied by RSE.

  • GEN: M12 GEN G500
  • Electric Power: 480kW (derated due to low LHV of the gas)
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  • Engine: R Schmitt Enertec
  • Type: ENERGIN M12 GTAD22
  • Built: 2016

  • Flare Gas Power Pant, Majdan, Serbia - Case Study

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