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Rayaan Trading & Services is one of the largest companies manufacturing and selling sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators across West Bengal. NAARE is the brand name of vending machines and waste incinerator/disposal machines manufactured and marketed by Rayaan Trading & Services. This || ELECTRIC SANITARY DISPOSAL/INCINERATOR -100 || IMPORTANT TO KNOW:= CONCEPT Qstn. What are sanitary napkins? Answer A sanitary napkin, also known as a sanitary napkin or menstrual pad, is a thick piece of soft material that is used to absorb blood during menstruation. MATERIAL What are sanitary pads made of? Answer Reusable sanitary napkins are made of high quality cotton, polyester and contain an airtight layer. PRICE Are sanitary napkins free? Answer Sanitary napkins in India are not free, they cost about 100 rupees. At least buy 7-10 pieces of decent quality sanitary napkins. ONE TIME OR NOT Qstn. Is it easy to dispose of sanitary napkins? Answer Women want sanitary pads that are easy to wrap and throw away. Women should choose something that will not pose a health hazard when disposed of. WATCH More playlists here: ~ PRODUCT DEMO: ~ HOLIDAY WISHES: ~ RAYAAN SHORTS: For more information, follow the links below on the RAYAAN official website: www.vendingmach.in RAYAAN Official YouTube: RAYAAN Official Facebook Account: Official RAYAAN Facebook Page : RAYAAN Official Instagram: RAYAAN Email Address: [email protected] RAYAAN Contact Number: 9088822299 |VIEW | LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE || ORDER NOW: 9088822299 ||
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