Discussing the state of the warlock in the Dragonflight Beta! Strengths, weaknesses and builds -incinerator

Ahead of testing Mythic+ and the raid, I wanted to discuss the current state of the Warlock in the Dragonflight! Twitch – Channel 2 Youtube – youtube.com/channel/UCWVGWHZYODLZJhV4tD4PBQg Website – Kalamazi.gg Patreon – Twitter – Instagram – Discord – kalamazi.gg/discord Stream/YT Setup ► Business Inquiries ►[email protected] Intro: 0:00 Beta Keys & 2nd Youtube Channel: 0:31 Witchcraft: 2:09 Demonology: 14:17 Destruction: 27:48 Patreon, Recap & Ending: 37:40 ———– ———————————————— ———————- 9.2 Conjuration Guide: 9.2 Destruction Guide: 9.2 Demonology Guide: Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video and want to see more Warcraft content/help grow the channel, please like, share, comment and subscribe! Tag descriptions: Warlock, Shadowlands, Twitch, Warcraft, Algorithm, Guides Thank you for your support! #Steaming #Youtube #Twitch #Warcraft #Kalamazi .


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