DELIMBE – T15 – Vineyard

Reference T1580L-120LS

  • Small seeds seeder.
  • Electric fan and descent by pipes.
  • Stands on the stubble cultivator.
  • Seeds distribution between the tillage tool and the roller.
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    Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

  • Electrical distribution, pneumatic transfer. Available from 1 to 10 exits.
  • Mechanical DPA or GPS optional.
  • A control box is provided in the cabin with three switches:

    1. A first switch for starting the ventilation.
    2. A second switch with a light to start at the end of the field.
    3. A third wheel switch with scale from 0 to 30 for the flow, adjustable directly from the cab.

    The airflow transfers the seed into flexible plastic pipes/hoses with an inside diameter of 25 mm.

    It is possible to arrange the pipes/hoses to a width of your choice.

    At the end of the pipes in order to better disperse the seeds, it is preferable to use eclateurs.

    The working width of each eclateur is 30 to 80 cm depending on the height of the arrangement.

    The T15 is sold with control box.

    Supplied without hose or eclateurs (optional).

    • Used on weeder harrow: The device allows to regenerate the meadows in the spring. The Delimbe T15 blower can be mounted on a tine harrow, stubble cultivator, after harvester cutting or any tillage implement.
    • On stubble cultivator: The seeds must be placed before the roller so that the projection of them covers the seedling.

    Dimensions of the device :

    • T5 80L: Width: 600 mm / Length: 600 mm / Height: 700 mm.
    • Weight: 45 kilos.
    • T15 120L: Width: 600 mm / Length: 600 mm / Height: 800 mm.
    • Weight: 50 kilos.

    * Our advice:

    • This device is recommended for ground tools up to 6 meters or for devices requiring 5 to 10 outputs/exits.
    • For larger hopper capacity please refer to the T18 or T20.

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