Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Episode 2 Amelie’s Order #14-15 Part 10 Commentary Walkthrough -incinerator

Haphephobic freelance courier Sam Porter Bridges is transporting cargo to the Central Hub, but is interrupted by Timefall and takes cover. He gets help from Fragile in evading BT. Sam arrives at the destination where the citizen has committed suicide, whose corpse is on the verge of necrosis. Due to being a repatriate and having DOOMS, Sam is given an emergency assignment to accompany a disposal team to an incinerator to dispose of a corpse. However, an encounter with BT causes a void that destroys Central Knot City. 00:00 – Intro 00:17 – Episode 2 Amelie’s order #14-15 ——————————— – ————————————————– ———————- Click here to subscribe! ► Join BitBytBoy Discord ► Follow me on Instagram ► Follow me on Facebook ► Follow me on Twitter ► Follow me on Steam ► ——————– ————————————————- ——— ——————— Support my channel with crypto BTC ► bc1qys5d6ztg74uwqqg0232m3f0tugexwfflrcvu4e ETH ► 0xe1Bd90EDDD90886c6663d80512BAe40E7225121d DOGE ► DSHGDWbGspZckaRBiVkX8HZ2ttM ——-qNuwttM —————————————– ————————————————- ——————— 👋 Subscribe to my channel, if not, it’s free. 😍 Thank you for every like, repost and comment! 🔔 Tap the Bill icon to join the BitBytBoy family! #DeathStranding #HideoKojima #BitBytBoy #Gameplay #Playthrough #Playthrough #GamingChannel .


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