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The DAE Pumps Silt-Bot Mini Dredge is a robust dredge pump system that cleans silt and sediment from the bottom of lagoons, basins, ponds, small lakes, and other waterways. The Silt-Bot performs similarly to a pool cleaner robot that rides along the bottom cleaning up dirt and debris. This small dredge offers a couple powerful, non-clogging pump options. For heavy-duty applications the Silt-Bot is equipped with the EDDY Pump patented Dredge Sled high solids pump that can move up to 70% solids. For light- to medium-duty application for less solids up to 30%, the DAE Pumps low solids pump can remove silt, sediments, and slurry between 125 to 150 yard per hour.

Suitable for waterways of up to 60,000 square feet surface areas the DAE Pumps Silt-Bot is ideal for smaller dredging projects that the large dredging operations cannot access. The Silt-Bot mini dredge is connected by a cable and pulley system controlled by a single operator that controls the forward and back, up and down operations. Silt-bot is used in agriculture recycled water ponds, power plants, paper/pulp plants, mines, chemical plants, oil fields, and other industries need to keep the capacity of their tailings and cutting ponds while following the environmental impact standards. The unique design feature of this pontoon dredge does not harm poly, clay, or concrete liners. This mini dredge operates in water depths between 1.6 and 16 feet of water.

Facilities that often outsource the maintenance of their ponds and lagoons to dredging companies can now safely and easily perform their own dredging. The Silt-Bot can be transported by a truck or trailer and deployed without heavy equipment. DAE Pumps’ mini dredge pumps are easy to set up and run.

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