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Briquette Press Machine is mainly used for coal, coke, and metallurgical powder of various powdery materials of cold pressed pellet and briquettes. It can be produced into square, spherical, elliptic and oval type, round, column, pillow, and other special shapes.

How To Make The Briquette Press Machine To Maximize Efficiency

First, the forming rate of the briquetting is the basic factor. The conditions affecting the ball forming rate of the briquette press machine:

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1. Material moisture content: If the water content is large, it is easy to produce the adhesive between the product and the pressure roller, which leads to the incomplete shape of the product and the impact of the coal briquettes.

2. The number of impurities in the material: Impurities will affect the affinity between the particles in the process of compression, resulting in loose products, low molding effect. Secondly, the mechanical strength of the briquette press machine is a prerequisite.

The Influence Of The Mechanical Strength Of The Coal Briquettes

1. The pressure of the charcoal briquette machine: The impact of pressure on the mechanical strength of the ball is undoubtedly the first. The level of mechanical strength directly affects the advantage of products in the following industrial chain.

2. The performance of the material itself: When the material particles are pressed in the body of the ball pressing machine, an opposing force can be generated between them.

3. The size of the particle size: The size distribution of materials should be reasonable, otherwise the material particles will have small particle overhead around, generated from ‘virtual ball’. Virtual ball shape is complete, their mechanical strength is not enough pressure ball.

The size of the mechanical strength of the product will affect the shape of the product to maintain the length of time – for the molding of powder materials. Of course, the longer the better.

Finally, briquette press machine performance: Such as forming a sphere after the reaction is not fully in use, resulting in a waste of. This is the impact of the use of the product. This requires the ball machine products in the shape of a reasonable size. In addition, for some special materials, the use of the binder will also affect the performance of the product. So the binder must be based on the characteristics of the material to selective use.  

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