“Children’s Story (Toy Story)” (1995) – Trailer -incinerator

Here is my second parody of Toy Story (1995) called “Children’s Story” in honor of the announcement of Toy Story 5, solved and inspired by @dragonrockz6862 @JBEagle-mj1em @SkymationProductions-uf9oz @strongdrew941 @thecartoonman1256 @davidchannel29entertaiment8 @seansiq And @ MrBeanFanDisney Cast Johnny Test Woody Phineas Flynn Buzz Lightyear Todd (Wayside) Mr Potato Head Dukey (Johnny Test) Slinky Dog O (Home) Rex Sid (Ice Age) Hamm Janet Nelson Jr. (Johnny Test) As Bo Pip Bowser Jr. (SML) As Sergeant Steven Universe As Andy Davis Pearl (Steven Universe) As Mrs. Davis Dawn (Young) (Pokémon) As Molly Davis Randall Boggs (Monsters, Inc.) As Sid Phillips Misty (Pokemon) As Hannah Phillips SpringTrap (Fnaf) Like Scud I don’t own the music and characters Enjoy the video


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