AUTOMATIC SANITARY GASKET Vending machine-100|NAAREE – AVND100| Installation and demonstration # #vendingmachine -incinerator

This || NAREE- AUTOMATIC Vending Machine for Sanitary Napkins 100 ||
[SKU- AVND100]

|Company Description|: Rayaan Trading & Services is one of the largest companies manufacturing and selling sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators throughout West Bengal. NAARE is the brand name of vending machines and waste incinerator/disposal machines manufactured and marketed by Rayaan Trading & Services. With a minimum cost of Rs 5, you can easily get 1 napkin from our vending machines. |PLAYLISTS| SEE More playlists here: ~ SETUP: ~ PRODUCT DEMO: ~ HOLIDAY WISHES: ~ RAYAAN SHORTS: | IMPORTANT ASPECTS TO KNOW | :- CONCEPT Qstn. What are sanitary napkins? Answer A sanitary napkin, also known as a sanitary napkin or menstrual pad, is a thick piece of soft material that is used to absorb blood during menstruation. MATERIAL What are sanitary pads made of? Answer Reusable sanitary napkins are made of high quality cotton, polyester and contain an airtight layer. PRICE Are sanitary napkins free? Answer Sanitary napkins in India are not free, they cost about 100 rupees. At least buy 7-10 pieces of decent quality sanitary napkins. ONE TIME OR NOT Qstn. Is it easy to dispose of sanitary napkins? Answer Women want sanitary pads that are easy to wrap and throw away. Women should choose something that will not pose a health hazard when disposed of. USING Napkin Vending Machines Napkin vending machines are used to dispense new napkins. Two types of machines are available, which differ in the way the machine is handled: manual and automatic. SANITARY NAPKINS Vending Machine Qstn. What is a napkin vending machine? Answer The napkin vending machine is used to dispense new, fresh and well-packed sanitary napkins by simply inserting a coin. TYPES OF VENDING MACHINES Qstn. How many types of vending machines does RAYAAN make? Rayaan Trading & Services manufactures two types of machines: manual and automatic. Automatic machines don’t have a handle to turn, but a manual machine has a handle built into the body of the machine that needs to be turned to get a sanitary napkin. You can take a napkin by inserting 5 rupees. coin in the machine. VENDING MACHINE CAPACITY Qstn. What is the capacity of the vending machine? Answer RAYAAN manufactures vending machines with custom capacity, which means you can order a vending machine to suit your needs from 25 to 200 sanitary pads per vending machine. AND A DISPENSER FOR NAPKINS? No. Does Rayaan Trading & Services produce an incinerator? Yes, an incinerator or tissue recycling machine is just as important as tissue vending machines because proper disposal of used sanitary napkins is very important. As a customer oriented company, RAYAAN manufactures waste incinerators. WHY NAARIE HYDROPAKING? Answer Rayaan Trading & Services offer higher quality sanitary napkins than available sanitary napkins and it’s only Rs 5.00. / pad, Rayaan provides sanitary pads free of charge with every tissue vending machine during installation. For more information, please visit the following links: RAYAAN Official Website: RAYAAN Official YouTube: RAYAAN Official Facebook Account: RAYAAN Official Facebook Page: RAYAAN Official Instagram: RAYAAN Email Address: [email protected] Contact RAYAAN Number: 9088822299 | VIEW | LIKE | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE || ORDER NOW: 9088822299 ||
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