Astra Militarum vs Genestealer Cult! | Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report -incinerator

Please support this channel! ========== GSC Army List: Cult Trait: Hive Cult Headquarters: Patriarch: Supernatural Speed ​​Warlord Trait Primus: Alien Warlord Trait Jackal Majesty Alphus Acolyte Iconward: Hivemaster Warlord Trait Elite: 5x aberants 5x aberants Troops: 20x Neophytes: 4x GL and 4x Heavy Stubber. Cult icon 20x Neophytes: 4x GL and 2x Mining Laser. Iconic icon of 20 neophytes: 4 flamethrowers, 2 heavy stubbers and 2 seismic guns. Cult Icon 20x Neophytes: Cult Icon 20x Neophytes: Cult Icon 5x Acolytes 5x Acolytes: 2x Drills 5x Acolytes: 2x Saws Fast Attack: 5x Atalan Jackels: 2x GL and 1x Demo Charge Ridgerunner: Heavy Mining Laser, 2x Stubber Ridgerunner: Heavy Mining Laser , 2x Stubber Heavy Support: Rockgrinder: Demonstration Stash and Incinerator Rockgrinder: Demonstration Stash and Incinerator Rockgrinder: Demonstration Stash and Incinerator Imperial Guard Army List Regiment Trait: Born Soldiers Headquarters: Death Incorporation Marshal Death Incorporation Marshall Cadian Command Squad: Medic, Vox, Large Banner, Flame Tank Commander: Gatekeeper, Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters Troops: 4 Infantry Squads: Heavy Bolters and Plasma Cannon 4 Cadian Stormtroopers: Plasma Cannon, Melta, Autogun Heavy Support: Rogal Dorn: 3 Stubbers, 2 Heavy Bolters, Gatling Cannon, Leman Russ Oppressor Cannon: Battle Cannon, Lascannon, 2 Heavy Bolters, and Leman Russ Assault Bolter: Cannon-e fighter, 3x heavy bolters Leman Russ: fighter cannon, 3x heavy bolters HWS: 3x HWS Morters: 3x M Orders HWS: 3x Morters =============== Affiliate Links! Save money on your thumbnails and support the channel 😀 – – Use this Element referral code to get double in-store bonus when you purchase in Element games: TIM3921 – Firestorm Games (UK store): – Noble Knight Games (US store): Thanks to Anvil Industry for sponsoring the channel! Remember that Mordian Glory members and patrons get a 5% discount 🙂 MG Merch official store link: connect and get more content 🙂 Email: [email protected] I have a new email address! If you would like to send me something, please use the following address: Name: MGTV Address Line 1: First Shop Line Address Line 2: Roundwood Point City: St. Helens Postcode: WA9 5JD Country: United Kingdom.


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