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The ACSnet solution in short:

  • ACSnet is a tool for daily management
  • ACSnet is a performance and benchmarking tool
  • All buildings connected to ACSnet server via ACS6 controllers
  • Free update of new software for ACS6 controllers
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    Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

  • Free software license for ACSnet
  • Free client license for ACSnet
  • Free database license
  • Integration of production data to ERP
  • On-line training and support via Internet
  • Advanced feed management water/feed ratio, FCR, EPEF
  • The ACS6 climate and production controller is the sixth generation of high end climate and production controllers for the poultry industry from DACS. Thirty years of experience and know-how from the industry, together with the latest trends, make the ACS6 a powerful package for climate control in poultry houses and enable farmers to optimize even more on the in-house climate and production.

    Cutting heat consumption by 30%
    Full scale tests conducted at a Danish poultry producer show that the ACS6 enable farmers to cut heat consumption in a standard poultry house by 30 %. This via our software that automatically reduces the dehumidification process depending on the outdoor conditions and thereby reduces the need for heating. The dehumidification potential is calculated on basis of measurements of temperature and humidity on both the outdoor and the indoor air. Through this the ACS6 controller prevents unnecessary usage of heat in the dehumidification process and eliminates the risk of excessive ventilation.

    The ACS6 keeps track of all parameters and users for an indefinite period. This huge collection of data gives full overview and traceability of the production.

    Tailor-made screen menu
    The ACS6 comes with an 8” or a 15” touch screen and a very intuitive interface. The screen menu can be defined specifically to the needs of each user allowed access, so unskilled users will never be able to enter menus where critical parameters can be adjusted. An important feature for large scale poultry operations, since each and every user only has access to parameters concerning their function in the poultry production.

    Any type of ventilation
    The ACS6 is extremely powerful and designed to run any type of ventilation system for poultry production. Via the ACSnet management system, any ACS6 climate and production controller can be accessed via Internet, but only with password protection. When you are online, all parameters can be adjusted according to your rights.

    Online support
    With the ACS6 DACS offers technical support online e.g. with the opportunity of finding faults in the technical installations.

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