A Steep Gorge and Variable Water Levels Test Aqua TROLL 500 …

A Steep Gorge and Variable Water Levels Test Aqua TROLL 500 Installation

Creation of a new bridge in Kaitoke Regional Park outside Wellington, New Zealand, necessitated a durable remote monitoring solution that could track the effects of construction on several parameters in the Te Awa Kairangi/Hutt River. Adroit Environmental selected In-Situ’s Aqua TROLL 500 Multiparameter Sonde for the job.

The bridge’s remote location in Kaitoke Gorge presented a variety of challenges throughout the installation process. While several geologic factors made the site difficult to access, weather events further complicated the installation by changing river level and flow, threatening the stability of sensor cables.

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To follow the Adroit team’s troubleshooting efforts and learn their solution, read the full article on their website.

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