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The NIVUS surface velocity radar Doppler technology flow measurement system has recently been awarded MCERT’s accreditation. The NivuFlow 550 flow measurement system which combines radar surface velocity and ultrasonic water level sensors has undergone extensive in-house, field and independent university laboratory testing to ensure compliance with the SIRA/CSA standards. 

With multi-sensor and multi-channel measurement capability, the certified NivuFlow 550 provides contactless flow measurement in both open channel and part-filled pipe applications. By measuring both the surface velocity and water level variables and combining the results with the newly developed NIVUS dynamic hydraulic model, the NivuFlow 550 provides high accuracy real time flow measurement results across a wide range of waste water and clean water applications, channel shapes and sizes.

The flow measurement system sensors are supplied with an IP68 protection rating and are available for use in EX Zone 1 rated applications. The contactless flow measurement technology ensures ease of installation without any interruption to flow or the need for a channel closure, and is particularly suitable for fast flowing or shallow water applications or where an aggressive or abrasive medium needs to be measured. The sensor dimensions make it ideal for installations within confined spaces and measurement applications where access may be difficult.

Incinerator for governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, international contractors, logistics organizations, military, pet cremation business owners, etc. including war zone like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan.

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